Wooden Crutches and Glass Crutches Compared

Which Filter is Better for Smoking?

Thinking about getting your smoke on with a crutch? Also known as a filter or a tip, a crutch is used at the end of a rolled cigarette or joint to filter out any debris and give a cleaner smoking experience.

There are different types of crutches out there, but the most common are made of wood and glass. So what are the differences between the two, and which should you get to have a great smoke session? As always, stay legal!

Inside vs. Outside Tips

Whatever the tip is made of, there are two ways one can be used. Some are made to be fitted on the outside of a joint once it has been rolled. These are generally preferred by more advanced smokers because there is more space for the actual tobacco or (in legal states) marijuana. Novices with little rolling experience may prefer the inner crutch, which helps retain the shape of the rolled product even if it isn’t that well-made.

Wooden Tips: Natural but Flawed

Wooden joint tips are more natural, which is very attractive to many smokers. The wood feels warm and soft to the touch. Depending on the type of wood used to make it, the tip can feel very natural in your mouth as well. The smoke usually comes through very well, and the wood tips can be manually shaved down to get a better fit for your mouth and hands.

There are disadvantages too – wooden tips change the flavor of the smoke. If you’re a fan of the original smoke flavor, especially when smoking something like blackberry kush, you may not want to opt for a wooden tip. You also can’t clean out a wooden tip as effectively because hot water can ruin the wood, as well as alcohol. This makes a wooden tip less durable and less effective over time.

Glass Tips: Synthetic and Great

Glass tips are very diverse tips indeed. They come in a variety of designs, as the glass is man-made and can be made in any way needed. Glass has the distinct advantage of being either transparent or translucent, allowing you to see the smoke flowing through. Smoke comes through way smoother too because there are fewer flaws in the surface of the glass.

You also can’t taste anything other than the raw taste of the cigarette or marijuana in the joint. This lack of taste-changing makes it a cleaner smoke overall. Glass tips are also far easier to clean out when done – you can boil it down and scrub it with alcohol without ruining it. The disadvantages of glass tips include a lack of adjustability for mouths. This is made up for by the durability – you can bite down on a glass tip without killing the tip.

Get Your Glass Filter Today!

Essentially, what it comes down to is personal preference when deciding to use a wooden or glass filter. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, but they are both equally safe and get the job done. Glass tips don’t change the taste as drastically as the wood filter, however, some people prefer the smokey, wood taste, whereas others like their herb for what it is. Glass tips are also easier to clean too! For a homemade glass cleaning recipe, check out this post.

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