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Our handcrafted glass filter tips are made using Grade A glass so that you get a high-quality product that will perform well and last long. It will help you reduce the amount of tar and resin pulled through, as well as decrease the harshness of smoking. If used properly, it will make it much smoother and enjoyable for you, while reducing the negative impact it has on your health.

Simple Cleaning

One of the best things about our products is that they are just as easy to clean as they are to use. They are made to be reusable, so you can keep cleaning them and using the same one until you decide it’s had its day. By removing resin during cleaning, you’ll make sure that you keep it clean so that you keep your fingers clean and your smoke smooth.

Simply place the tip inside of a plastic bag, add cleaning solution, add salt, seal the bag, and shake it until it comes clean. By shaking it a bit, the glass tip will come clean, removing the tar and resin build up. Once you’ve finished doing that, you just need to rinse the glass tip clean and safely dispose of the cleaning solution. Your glass tip will be as fresh as new!

Advantages of Glass Tips

There are a few different advantages to using glass tips when you smoke, including health and hygiene benefits. More than just making smoking healthier, it will also make it more enjoyable and greatly help with the lingering odors you get when smoking.

Cleaner, Smoother Smoking

One of the greatest benefits of using a glass tip – and the motivation for many people – is that it helps reduce the amount of tar and resin you are pulling through and inhaling. Because of the design, it helps collect tar and resin that you would otherwise pull through into your mouth. More than that, many are designed to help reduce the amount of tar you actually inhale. Both of these help give you a cleaner, smoother, and healthier smoke!

Keep Your Fingers Clean

On top of giving you a smooth, tasty smoke, you’ll also make sure you keep your fingers clean since the end of your smoke will be protected with the glass. This will collect tar and resin so that you don’t get it on your fingers or – even worse – your lips. Instead, the glass piece will catch it and you can wash it away later.

This also lets you burn it all the way down to the end because it will protect your fingers from burning. This way you’ll never burn your fingers and you’ll be able to smoke the entire thing, making sure you don’t waste and saving you on cash! You’ll never have to worry about the end being soaked in your saliva either.

Not only does it keep your fingers clean, but it also reduces the odor that will linger on your fingers and clothes. Since you’ll hold and draw off the glass piece, it will make sure that you aren’t in direct contact with the smoke on your fingers or lips, which greatly reduces the odor.

Rollable Glass Tips

One of the other added benefits of our glass filter tips is that they are designed to be rolled easily with your papers. Whether you use your own papers or ours, they should fit in your papers when rolling so that you can use them conveniently.

More than that, they should be compatible with most rolling machines, fitting easily inside and making rolling extremely convenient and simple. This will all help make your smoking experience that much better!

Glass Tip Bundles

More than just offering individual products, we offer glass tip bundles so that you can get a range of products that you need together, all at an affordable price!

We feature combo packs and bundles that bring together everything you need and save you money on your purchase. We have bundled options that include regular and slim glass tip, rolling papers, a rolling machine, and a rolling surface so that you can get everything you need for your smoking needs.

To save both money and time, we also feature glass tips in combo packs and multi-pack boxes of twenty.

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