Inhale, exhale, the OG way; and now, do even more of it! With our glass tip bundles, we give a package of products that give you everything you’ll need to step up your smoking experience. Not only will you make it healthier, but you’ll make it more smooth and enjoyable as well.


The glass tips we offer are build using handcrafted, high-quality, grade A glass so that they will perform and last long. They will help reduce the amount of tar and resin that pull through when inhaling, ensuring that you don’t suck anything through. This also reduces the harshness of smoking. If you use glass filter tips properly, you’ll enjoy a much smoother, cleaner smoke, while also decreasing the negative health impacts.

Reusable and Easily Cleaned

One of the best aspects of using glass tips is that they are reusable and easily cleaned. You can easily clean away the resin and tar that collects inside of it, keeping them clean for regular use. Because they’re reusable, you’ll be able to use them a number of times before you need to replace them.

The best way to clean them is to place them in a plastic bag, add cleaning solution and salt, seal the bag, and then shake until the piece comes clean. Once the resin and tar has been removed, you can take it out and rinse it off, clearing it completely of the cleaning solution and any loose tar or resin left on the piece. Dispose of the solution properly and your glass tip is as clean as new!


There are numerous advantages to using glass tips when smoking, including your health and hygiene. On top of making smoking healthier for you, it also makes it more enjoyable by removing odors and keeping your hands clean.


The main reason for using glass filter tips is to reduce the amount of tar, resin, and other harmful ingredients go through to your lungs unfiltered. By collecting and filtering these out, you make smoking healthier for you. Without the piece, some of this would pull through and go directly through, but with the glass tip you can get rid of these problems. This will give you a healthier, cleaner, and smoother smoking experience!


More than just giving you a smoother, more enjoyable smoke, it also helps you keep your fingers clean of smoke because the glass tip protects them. You won’t get tar, resin, or even smoke residue on your fingers, and will avoid having this smell linger with you throughout the day! Even worse than that, sometimes this can get on your lips – but not with our glass filter tips!

Because these glass tips offer protection for the end of your smoke and on your fingers, you won’t have to worry about burning them either. The glass tip will protect you from burning your fingers while smoking and will even let you smoke down to the very end, instead of having to throw the butt away. You’ll also never need to worry about the end being soaked in saliva.

Because it keeps your fingers clean and you aren’t actually touching the end of it, it will also keep them from getting any odor. This will make sure that your hands, fingers, and clothes don’t smell like smoke and that the smell doesn’t follow you around all day!


Our glass filter tips are built to be convenient to use with rolling papers. Both our regular and slim fit glass tips are designed to easily be rolled with your papers. On top of that, they are also compatible with most rolling machines so that you can easily and conveniently roll them.


We provide a number of glass tip bundles so that you can get a variety of smoking products together at an affordable price. They come in combo packs of multiple glass tips and packages that come with other products as well, including regular and slim glass tips, rolling papers, a rolling machine, and a rolling surface, we have packages that can meet anyone’s smoking needs.

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