Everything You Need for a Positive Smoking Experience: Blunt Tips, Rolling Papers, and More!

Inhale, exhale, the OG way; and now, do even more of it! With our smoking bundles, we provide you with everything you’ll need to step up your smoking experience, including glass blunt tips, rolling papers, rolling machines, and a variety of other accessories.

Each kit contains a variety of items like the OG king size blunt tips, ultra-thin papers, and a rolling machine to help you achieve the perfect roll every time. Not only are glass tips healthier, they also lead to a smoother and more enjoyable smoke.

Why Choose OG Filter Tips?

Our filter tips are made using handcrafted, high-quality, Grade A glass so that they will perform greater and last longer. They also help reduce the amount of tar and resin that pull through when inhaling, ensuring that you don’t suck anything through.

This also reduces the harshness of smoking. If used properly, you will enjoy a much smoother, cleaner smoke, while also decreasing the negative health impacts. Tips also come in a variety of sizes – try the blunt tips (king size), slim, or original today!

Benefits of Using Glass Tips:

There are numerous advantages to using glass tips when smoking, including your health and hygiene. On top of making smoking healthier for you, it also makes it more enjoyable by removing odors and keeping your hands clean. Other benefits include:

  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduce tar, resin, and other harmful ingredients
  • Cleaner and smoother smoke
  • No more dirty or smelly fingers
  • Easy to roll with papers

Get More Out of Our Smoking Bundles

We provide a number of bundles and packages so that you can get a variety of smoking products together at affordable prices. The packages come with multiple glass tips of varying sizes and other related smoking products. Bundles may contain slim, regular, and king size blunt tips, as well as rolling papers, a rolling machine, and a rolling surface. These bundles were designed to help meet the needs of many smokers and cater to a variety of smoking experiences.

Glass Blunt Tips Now Available!

Our smoking bundles contain glass filter tips in a variety of different sizes. The slim size, original size, or king-size OG tips are available in different combo packages, depending on what you are looking for. The slim size tips are ideal for smokers on the go or who are not looking to consume as much. The original size tips are one of the most popular options since these tips are great for every occasion. The king size blunt tips are great for experienced smokers that are looking to get more out of their sesh or share with their friends. The different sizes allow you to change up your smoking routine, yet provide consistent, positive experiences.

What Else is Included in the Bundles?

Along with different sized filter tips, combo bundles may include OG stickers, ultra-thin rice papers, king size ultra thin rice papers, a rolling machine, a rolling surface, and/or an ashtray. The Ultimate Smokers’ Bundle is perfect for every smoking occasion as it includes all of these items for ONLY $29.99. Check out the bundles above to find the right one for you!

Sharing is Caring

The combo packs are extremely affordable since every tip is reusable and long lasting. However, if you don’t think you’re going to go through the who package, why not gift some for a friend! The smoking bundles include a variety of accessories that will enhance you and your friends smoking sessions.

Order Yours Today!

Glass blunt tips are easy to roll, easy to clean, and easy to carry around due to their small sizes. Experience the benefits of using a glass filter and pick up your smoking bundle package today!

When it comes to getting the best smoking accessories, our selection at OG Tips provides you with everything you need. We provide you with the ultimate smoking experience so that you can inhale and exhale the OG Way! Contact our team if you have any questions, or visit our store for more information on specific products.