Must-Have Smoking Necessities

Here at OG Tips, we don’t just carry glass tips for filtering your smokes. We also offer a wide range of complementary products and accessories to suit all of your smoking needs.

We want you to be able to inhale and exhale the OG way all the time, which is why we offer a variety of different smoking products. This way, you can trust us with all of the accessories you use to make your smoking experience easy, convenient, and enjoyable!

Rolling Papers

Whether you want rolling papers to complement our glass tips or simply a great stand-alone product, we have a range of rolling papers available. We offer regular and king sized papers so that you can suit your personal preferences and roll to the size that you desire.

All of our rolling papers are made of high-quality materials. The thin, ultra durable papers hold up tight rolls, and burn smoothly and evenly while you’re smoking. Our OG Tips rolling papers are made with organic rice paper so that they have less harmful ingredients and are more natural for consuming. So not only are they high quality, they are less harmful too!

Rolling Machine

To make rolling much more enjoyable, we carry rolling machines so that your rolling routine becomes convenient, fast, and efficient. This way you can roll quickly and effectively, giving you perfect rolls every time. Having an even roll will ensure that it’s smooth and consistent when you smoke. It will give you the performance you want, and last longer than usual.

Rolling Surface

If you want to ensure less waste and be more efficient, having a rolling surface is extremely useful. This way, no matter where you are, you have a safe, controlled surface where you can roll. This keeps your mess contained and makes sure that you can do so properly.

Having one of these available on the go is great for making sure you can always roll whenever and wherever you need to! Plus the suface will catch any droppings that fall, reducing waste and saving money.

Heat Resistant Ashtray

Trust us with all of your smoking needs! We have an OG Tips’ heat resistant silicone ashtray that lets you burn without worries. This way, you can sit back, relax and inhale and exhale the OG way. It’s heat resistant properties allow it to remain long lasting and stand up to wear and tear. Not only does this ashtray offer just what you need but great style too. Pick up yours today!

Bundles and Packages

We also provide our range of products in bundles and packages so that you can get everything you need. Not only will you have everything you need in one place, but you can also save money by purchasing them all at once. We have bundles that include regular and slim glass tips, rolling papers, a rolling machine, and a rolling surface so that you can get everything that you need together. Check out our smoking bundles today!

Glass Tips

All of our accessories work to accent our incredible, grade A glass filter tips. Our glass tips are designed to reduce the amount of tar, resin, and other harmful chemical get through and affect you. It makes your smoking healthier for you, while also offering you a smoother, cleaner experience.

More than just giving you a better smoke, it also helps keep you cleaner too, making sure you don’t get tar or resin on your fingers. Not only does this affect your fingers, but it can even pull through and end up on your lips, which is the worst; using a glass tip makes sure this won’t happen ever again!

This also has a huge impact on the smoky odor too. You’ll never have that smell clinging to your fingers anymore, so your hands will smell clean and fresh throughout the day. You’ll never have to worry about your fingers and hands smelling like smoke again.

Trust Us With All of Your Smoking Needs

If you’re looking for high-quality, long-lasting smoking accessories, including glass tips, rolling papers, rolling machines, or rolling surfaces, we’ve got you covered! OG glass Tips were designed to give you the best smoking experience and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

It’s our mission to provide you with the ultimate smoking experience; our rolling papers are made of the highest quality and are less harmful than most papers too. Inhale and exhale the OG way with OG Tips! Visit our shop now to pick up your smoking accessories.