Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Glass Pieces

There are many cleaning solutions on the market designed to eliminate the resin build up accumulated in a variety of glass pieces. However, a vast majority of these are costly and completely unnecessary. The same results can be achieved using items found in the common household. Why spend good money on bong cleaner instead of just buying more weed for said bong? Check out some of the following ideas people have great results using.

The first step in reducing cleaning times for any piece is first to warm the glass, regardless of what type of cleaning solution you intend to use. To accomplish this run hot (but not boiling) water through the intended piece until the glass is warm to the touch and the resin is slightly soft. It is important to maintain a secure grip during this process so not to allow the bong or pipe slip from hand.

Rock Salt and Isopropyl Alcohol (90% or stronger preferred)

The stronger the isopropyl alcohol is, the faster to achieve the desired results. It is possible to perform this method using 70% isopropyl alcohol if stronger is not available, but it can sometimes require a dramatically longer soaking time.  The dirtier the glass piece to be clean, the longer the initial soaking time should be. For pipes and other small pieces, utilizing a Ziplock bag is best. Fill either the bong or the bag containing the pipe with rock salt and alcohol and let the glass soak anywhere from 15-20 min to several hours (depending on the severity of the resin build up and if 90% or stronger isopropyl alcohol is in use). Once your glass has had a good soak, shake the ziplock containing the piece. The rock salt will act as an abrasive and remove any of the remaining resin stuck to the glass. If you are cleaning a bong, you can place a hand over the mouthpiece and your other thumb over the carb and give it a good swirl/shake. As always, be very diligent to secure your grip so not to end up with shattered glass! Once this process is complete, always be sure to thoroughly rinse away all of your cleaning solutions and allow enough time for the piece to air dry completely.

Denture cleaning Tabs and Hot water

Some have found success in using the foaming action of denture cleaning tablets to rid their bongs/pipes of the stuck-on resin. Simply drop the tablet into the bong or the ziplock bag containing the small glass item, and fill with hot water. The amount of tablet you use will depend on the size of the piece. For small hand pipes, you may only need ¼ to ½ of a tablet at a time, whereas for a bong you may need to use a whole tablet or more depending on the size. Allow the glass to soak until all foaming is complete, which typically takes 30-45 minutes. As always, thoroughly rinse and dry before use. Feel free to repeat as necessary until all remaining resin has been cleared away.

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