3 Advantages of Using Filters with Your Joints

There are many different types of crutches or tips that you can use with your joints and cigarettes. They are meant to hold the rolled products together, keep their shape intact, and make them less fragile. There are different ways to get tips – you can buy them or make them yourself. Some natural tips exist too, like bits of pasta (people actually make pasta tips). Glass and wooden tips are among the most popular. Here’s why many smokers swear by using tips.

They Help With Maintaining Shape

Are you a newbie to the art of rolling joints? We all know the struggle of trying to roll like a professional. There are spills, mishaps, and hours of struggling before a passable joint can be rolled. At the end of all this, you’ll find that it starts to break apart while you smoke it. This can be a painful process indeed. A joint tip or filter can help you keep the shape of the joint while you roll it and after you roll it too. For marijuana that is on the sticky side, you can keep the joint from breaking up while being smoked due to the overwhelming amount of resin in there. When the shape is maintained even as multiple people handle it, you know that you have made the right decision going with a tip.

Airflow is Cleaner and Better

Tips and filters are also the best way to get a joint to burn slowly and steadily for the duration of your session. Of course, different people have different preferences when it comes to the speed of the burn. Thankfully, there are many ways to control this, including the type of paper you use, the style you use when rolling, and tips. Tips also allow for far cleaner airflow when you’re dragging. Have you ever tried smoking without a filter or even a roach? You almost always end up having to pick bits of weed from your teeth at the end of it. You will be wasting the THC in this for no reason at all. Your teeth also start to look really weird when they’re mottled green in color. Tips filter all of these bits out so that you only taste the smoke and nothing more.

You Can Say Goodbye to the Roach

Roaches are very useful because of how easy they are to make and add to the end of the joint. These makeshift tips are great additions, but they can be very annoying to deal with when the session is done. They also act as a magnet for stray bits of marijuana, which wastes the THC again. Even worse, roaches tend to give you burnt fingers as the burn gets close to the end. With tips, all of these problems are eliminated.

Smoking with tips might feel different for you, but it has advantages. You no longer have to deal with roaches, you get clean airflow, and you get to retain the structural integrity of your joints. Take the time to use a tip today and witness the difference for yourself. As always, keep it legal! Only smoke in states or areas where it is legal to do so.

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